Máy Đo Liều Phóng Xạ Rados RDS-80
Hãng sản xuất: Mirion (Rados) - Phần Lan
Model: RDS-80
Sản xuất tại Phần Lan

• Radiation detected: alpha >2 MeV, betaEmax >100 keV,gamma and x-rays from 5 keV to 3 MeV
• Detector: end window GM tube, 1,5-2 mg/cm2
• MICA window active surface area 15,2 cm2
• Measurement range: surface contamination 1 to 100 000cps or 0.01 to 1 000 000 Bq/cm2
• Alarm levels: freely adjustable alarm levels forcontamination level
• Cps linearity: ±15% ±1 digit over the range. The Bq/cm2display is calculated from cps values using isotopedependent coefficients
• Power supply: 2 alkaline batteries IEC LR6/AA size(recommended)
• Battery life time: at least 2000 hours at normalbackground with alkaline cells
• (More than 1 year under normal operation)
• Battery alarm: two-step alarm for low battery voltage
• Electromagnetic compatibility: CE compliant

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